Infiniti will showcase its future design language during at this year New York Auto Show. At least when it comes to SUV’s. The Japanese brand unveiled a first picture of the WQX80 monograph.

It is a new design study exploring upscale luxury and signaling the brand’s intention to further develop its standing in the full-size luxury SUV segment.

Originating at Infiniti’s design studio in Atsugi, Japan, the QX80 Monograph is the ultimate expression of futuristic luxury SUV design and illustrates how the design of the QX80 could evolve.

QX80 Monograph applies the brand’s latest design language in a sculptural and artistic way. It incorporates a mix of geometric and organic shapes.

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Infiniti’s signature design elements include the double-arch grille, which for this vehicle is taller and wider, creating a powerful new "face", while the crescent-cut D-pillar has been reshaped.

The QX80 Monograph will be unveiled for the first time in New York.