Infiniti will extend the current range of premium crossover with the introduction of the QX30, the 4×4 variant of the compact Q30 hatchback, also expected to see daylight in future years.
According to Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer the car is already green lighted by company’s president Johan de Nysschen.
It will share the same design and components with the Q30, being just a little heightened for a soft off-road experience. The new QX30 compact crossover will also be built in Sunderland plant, UK, starting next year. It will share the same assembly line with the Q30.
Andy Palmer declared that a smaller crossover will be ideal for China, where the market is growing year by year and where the clients love premium cars. The car won`t be a rebadged Juke, even if it will use the same platform as the popular Nissan crossover.
The developing stage is already underway, with testing to be followed. The car should be ready by next year.