Infiniti continues to tease us with the Q80 Inspiration Concept, set to make a public debut next week, during Paris Motor Show.
The concept will anticipate a sleeker four-door coupe, targeting cars like the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe, Mercedes CLS, Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. The Q80 Inspiration Concept back end is revealed through a photo that ensures us the Japanese sedan will surely turn heads.
The rakish windscreen and the panoramic windscreen boasts a more dynamic appearance and bounds perfectly with the suicide rear doors and the 22-inch alloy wheels. The car will be playing in the big segment, as its length will measure 5052 mm (199 in) and will be 2027 mm (80 in) wide with a 1350 (53 in) height. The wheelbase will be big and generous for those sitting inside, with a length of 3103 mm (122 in).
Speaking about the interior, Infiniti will make sure that it respects the premium segment standard with leather upholstery, carbon fiber trim and aluminum accents. The concept will be built on a aluminum platform and will feature an adaptive suspension.
The engine options will include a hybrid powertrain that combines a petrol unit with an electric one to boost range and economy.