Infiniti has launched a limited edition watch developed together with well known Swiss watchmaker Bell & Ross.
With only 100 units to be produced the limited edition Infiniti watch named the BR03-92 Phantom Instrument will only be offered throughout the automaker’s dealerships in Europe. The Japanese car manufacturer also says their Infiniti watch was introduced to commemorate the recently launched Infiniti FX Limited
Edition crossover, for which production is also restricted to 100 exemplars.
The BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti watch comes in a 42 mm case, with a black carbon finish and each piece is engraved with the Infiniti signature and an unique number.  
Pricing for the BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti watch is 2,809 Euros and sales start on June 1st.
Infiniti press release :
ROLLE, Switzerland (May 11, 2010) – Infiniti, the luxury automotive
brand from Japan, has announced the arrival of the Limited Edition
BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti wristwatch, engineered by the Swiss
specialist watchmaker Bell & Ross. Just 100 examples are being
produced, and will be offered only through Infiniti Centres in Europe.
The launch of the exclusive timepiece, an elegant accessory for the
discerning Infiniti customer and the watch collector, marks the
collaboration of two brands which are synonymous across the globe with
exceptional performance, craftsmanship, precision, and modern luxury.
The special edition BR03-92 Phantom Instrument has been designed by
Bell & Ross to commemorate the recently revealed Infiniti FX Limited
Edition performance crossover, restricted, just like the watches, to
only 100 individually-numbered examples worldwide. However, such has
been the extensive demand prior to the release of the watch, that only a
handful remain.
The parallels from the fusion of Infiniti and Bell & Ross are
clearly evident in the appearance of the piece. The black carbon powder
finish, which encapsulates the 42 mm case, resembles the graphite finish
applied to many exterior parts of the Infiniti FX Limited Edition and
is just as beautifully-crafted. The seconds hand which sits on a
galvanic black dial, is lined with a distinct purple coating, the same
colour which lies at the heart of Infiniti’s brand identity, and can be
seen everywhere from the instruments of the car to furnishings inside
the Infiniti Centre.
Whilst on the move, it is all about the ownership experience which is
personal and exclusive: the rear of each the 100 pieces has been
engraved with the Infiniti signature and is complemented by an
individual number of the edition within the BR03-92 Instrument Phantom
Infiniti series.
Jim Wright, Vice President Infiniti Europe, explains: “The limited
edition BR03-92 Instrument Phantom watch is a perfect tribute to the
core qualities of Infiniti. It is also about offering the Infiniti owner
something truly special and individual which we are able to achieve
through this exceptional timepiece.”
The BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti watch goes on sale on 01 June
2010 at a recommended retail price (RRP) of £2,809.97 and is available
for purchase from all European Infiniti Centres. For their locations
which range from Barcelona to Bucharest, see

Source: Infiniti