Bentley wanted to prove its fans that it can also be a fast limousine, not only a very luxurious one. Using the all new Continental GT Speed, Bentley asked famous actor Idris Elba to attemtpt breaking UK land speed record.
So, on May 7, star of Luther and The Wire, piloted a Bentley to break the historic ‘Flying Mile’ UK land speed record set by Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1927.
Idris Elba hit a top speed of 180.361 mph at the wheel of the Continental GT Speed on Pendine Sands, Wales. This was enough to brake the existing record of 174.8 mph set by Sir Malcolm nearly 90 years ago in his legendary Napier-Campbell Blue Bird. The record was independently verified by the UK Timing Association.
Despite some challenging tidal conditions on the beach in south Wales, the record was broken in the Crewe-built Continental during filming for an upcoming four-part Discovery Channel series, Idris Elba: No Limits, which will air in July.
“I’m absolutely elated to have broken the ‘Flying Mile’ at Pendine Sands. It’s an honour to have taken on the challenge, and to successfully follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Sir Malcolm Campbell”, said Idris Elba.