The latest model in Hyundai’s popular range of Veloster sports cars has gone on sale in Australia. Dubbed the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo, the Korean manufacturer’s new kid on the block is priced from $31,990 and brings a range of new features to the table.
The car’s peak power is 150kW at 6000rpm and it has a maximum torque of 265Nm from 1750 to 4500rpm. The front-drive turbo has a base kerb weight of 1265kg, which is 65kg more than the regular Veloster model, while the auto has 1305kg. According to Hyundai the Veloster SR Turbo can reach 100km/h in roughly seven seconds; the car also boasts a set of 300mm ventilated front disc brakes, compared to the 280mm ones found on the regular model.
In all, the Veloster SR Turbo has around 46 per cent more power and 60 per cent more torque than the standard Veloster and the Veloster +. This is its main selling point in the face of the previous models in the range.
As with other Veloster cars, the SR Turbo features a seven-inch LCD touch-screen with satellite navigation and built-in rear-view camera, and an audio system which features Bluetooth connectivity and music streaming. Three–year NAVTEQ MapCare plans for the navigation system are available at participating Hyundai service centres.
On a purely cosmetic level the front of the Veloster has been given a makeover, with a bigger grille and an all-round increase in sleekness. This is now a stylish and attractive vehicle, a definite aesthetic improvement over its forebears. Amongst the available colours is the Young Gun paintwork, Hyundai’s first matt hue.
The Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo has been hailed by reviewers for its appealing fascia, comfortable interior, good handling and impressive performance, although some criticised the lack of room in the rear seats. Commentators also noted the jump in price: this substantially souped-up model costs $8,000 more than the standard $23,990 Veloster.
However, it has generally been agreed amongst critics that the Veloster SR Turbo’s new features justify the bigger price tag, and the car has also been compared favourably with its rivals such as the Toyota 86.
Hyundai certainly seems to be wheeling these vehicles out at a great speed, as the Veloster SR Turbo arrived in Australia just six months after the nationwide launch of the original Veloster. But with the widely positive reception of this new model, few will complain about this state of affairs.