Hyundai is the
official sponsor of this year European Football Championship, scheduled to
begin in France during june. To proper celebrate the important event, Hyundai
unveiled two special editions of the current i20 and i10, both called Euro 2016
Go! and both revealed in Geneva Motor Show.

The 2,000
limited-edition models are based on the i10 1.0 SE and i20 1.2 SE.
Enhancing the
specification of the i10 1.0 SE, the i10 1.0 GO! offers a black interior with contrast
blue and white stitching, Bluetooth voice recognition, steering wheel-mounted
audio and phone controls and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. The exterior of
the GO! boasts Go! Badging and exclusive Red Passion Pearl Exterior colour, LED
daytime running lights, side body mouldings, privacy glass and front fog
On the other
hand, customers opting for the i20 1.2 GO! will enjoy an interior styling
around the air vents and the gearstick to complement the grey/black interior,
with convenience boosted by auto lights and wipers. Outside, projection
headlights increase visibility, while GO! badging, side body mouldings and
privacy glass complete the Special Edition’s.

Just 1,250
versions of the i10 GO! and 750 i20 GO! models are being made available. The
prices start from £9,545 for the i10 GO! and £11,545 for the i20 GO!.