The new Hyundai Ioniq was a real breakthrough in terms of alternative mobility. The three in one car offered by Hyundai is now ready to take the driving experience even further. During its Los Angeles Motor Show press conference, hyundai introduced the Autonomous Ioniq Concept. 

As the name suggests, the car can drive itself and is one of the few self-driving cars in development to have a hidden LiDAR system in its front bumper instead of on the roof, enabling it to look like any other car on the road and not a high school science project.

The goal of the autonomous IoniQ concept was to keep the self-driving systems as simple as possible. This was accomplished by using the production car’s Smart Cruise Control’s forward-facing radar, Lane Keep Assist cameras and integrated them with LiDAR technology. 

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Hyundai Motor is also developing its own autonomous vehicle operating system, with the goal of using a lot less computing power. This will result in a low-cost platform, which can be installed in future Hyundai models the average consumer can afford.

The car’s hidden LiDAR system also allows the Autonomous Ioniq to detect the absolute position of surrounding vehicles and objects. In addition, the Autonomous IONIQ features: Forward Facing Radar which detects the relative location and speed of objects in the vehicle’s forward path to aid in route planning. There is a three camera array which detects pedestrian proximity, lane markings and traffic signals. A GPS antenna to determine the precise location of each vehicle. High definition mapping data from Hyundai MnSoft delivers location accuracy, road grade/curvature, lane width and indication data. A Blind Spot Detection radar is also there.