At the end of 2018, General Motors announced the biggest reorganization in its history. All concluded with the shut down of many factories and the end of some models.

The US-based group announced a new strategy with the accent being put on the electric cars. The new plan of General Motors is based, mainly on the Cadillac brand, which is the most important pilon in the electric future of the Group.

The first electric Cadillac will be an SUV which will be based on a new GM platform. According to some sources, the car might be available on sale in 2021.

According to other sources, the GM officials are still thinking of the Hummer brand. Closed in 2010, the Hummer brand might be back as a fully electric car manufacturer. The same rumors says that GM is working on many electric SUVs and pick-up trucks and some of these are scheduled to debut under the Hummer brand.

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For the production of this new electric cars, GM has chose the Detroit-Hamtramck factory and the future investments will be up to $3 billion USD in the next 4 years.