Pricing for the new Zealand built supercar, Hulme CanAm has just been announced. Honoring New Zealand’s F1 World Champion, Denny Hulme, the Hulme CanAm is an ultra-high performance roadster for which production will be limited to 20 units.
The Hulme CanAm extracts power from a Chevrolet sourced 7.0-litre V8 engine that produces 600bhp and 600Nm of peak torque, and which is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission with paddles and sequential shift as options.
The Hulme CanAm weights less than 1,000 Kg, needs less than 3.0 seconds to rocket from 0 to 100 Km/h and has a top speed of over 200 mph.  
The Hulme CanAm price is 295,000 GBP and orders are secured after a 10,000 GBP deposit on a first come, first served basis.
Hulme press release :
The developers of the eagerly-awaited 200+mph Hulme CanAm Supercar,
named in honour of New Zealand racing legend and F1 World Champion,
Denny Hulme, have announced an attractive proposition for those wishing
to purchase an option to order one of an extremely limited production
The Auckland based Supercar developer-manufacturer, Hulme Supercars,
has launched a package which is designed to guarantee rarity value by
offering options to purchase the total production run of just 20 Hulme
CanAm supercars, on a first-come, first-served basis.
The only production road car to bear the name of a F1 World Champion,
The Hulme CanAm is an ultra high-performance, mid-engined roadster.
Created for both road and track use, the car blends the raw flavour and
appeal of a Formula racing car with dramatic design, superb
craftsmanship, exceptional performance and a thrilling and achievable
driving experience.
An order for the CanAm will be secured by the deposit of £10,000
which, as Jock Freemantle, Hulme Managing Director, explains, is
fully-refundable if the option is not converted to an order.
“Deposits will be held in a Trust account”, he confirms, “pending a
private viewing and driving experience of the car at or before the 2011
Festival of Speed for those who have purchased an option to order. 
Following that, if anyone does not wish to proceed, the terms on which
the deposit is paid will provide a guarantee that their total deposit
will be returned immediately.”
The 20 customer cars will be coach-built and equipped to customer
order, with delivery commencing in the UK in the  Autumn of 2011 and
into 2012, the 20th anniversary of Denny Hulme’s death.
Those who proceed to purchase are promised an experience as unique as
the Hulme CanAm itself.   Having determined the specification of their
car, Hulme customers will enjoy two Air New Zealand Business Premier
(Full flat bed) return tickets to Auckland, New Zealand, with one-week
luxury accommodation, for their final fitting in the car and further
road and circuit driving, before the car is shipped to their chosen
All production cars will be numbered, with a guaranteed certificate
of authenticity, and a 1/8 scale exact replica, finished in the same
livery and specification, plus a full photographed dossier of the car’s
For Freemantle, the purchase offer is a significant milestone in the
development of the Hulme CanAm:
“The concept car, in coupe form, was first revealed at the Goodwood
Festival of Speed in 2006.  Such was the interest that we conducted
extensive research to assess demand, culminating in the decision to
initially offer an open-top CanAm version, celebrating Hulme’s victories
of the “Can Am Championship” in 1968 and 1970,” he said.
Development of the ultra-sleek F1-inspired CanAm car continued, with a
finished prototype extensively tested on both road and track before the
decision was made to accept orders.
Designed and hand-built by the Hulme Supercars technology team in New
Zealand – including members who were responsible for the nation’s
America’s Cup triumphs – the road-legal “Hulme CanAm” features an
ultra-lightweight carbon composite tub and bodywork, and race-orientated
chassis, suspension and braking.
To honour Denny’s CanAm Championship wins in McLaren CanAm cars
powered by Chevrolet V8’s, the Hulme CanAm is powered by a 7-litre
( Chevrolet LS7 V8 developing 600bhp and 600Nm torque, fed
through a close-ratio, six-speed CIMA manual gearbox (Paddles or
Sequential shift will be options available). As a consequence of its
lightweight construction, the Hulme CanAm weighs in at less than
1,000kg. This combination promises a sub-three and a half second sprint
to 100kph, and top speed in excess of 200mph.
Despite its ultra-performance and emphatic race car credentials, the
Hulme Supercars’ design and development focus has been on driveability,
with power delivery and handling dynamics optimised for maximum driving
enjoyment on track and on the road.
For Greeta Hulme, the widow of Denny – who passed away in 1992 – the
announcement of the Hulme CanAm’s production is warmly welcomed: “Jock
Freemantle’s desire to honour Denny’s life with this unique car has been
matched by his irrepressible enthusiasm and passion to create it. I am
both proud and immensely impressed with what he and the Hulme Supercars
team have achieved.”
The purchase price of the Hulme CanAm will be fixed at £295,000 (plus
local taxes) on receipt of an order, including delivery worldwide.
To purchase one of only 20 options available,  e-mail Jock Freemantle
or write to Hulme Supercars Limited,
P.O.Box97853,ManukauCity2241,Manukau,New Zealand.
The final vehicle specification, customer options included in the
sale price, and details of the order and payment terms, will be
confirmed before the options are converted to an order. Development
specifications are available now from Hulme Supercars by e-mail to or
from Hulme Supercars Limited, P.O.Box97853,ManukauCity2241,Manukau,New
Zealand. and from the website.
Hulme CanAm Standard Specifications

Body & Chassis  
Chassis:  Carbon Fibre/Composite construction
Body:  Carbon Fibre/Composite construction
Engine & Transmission  
Type:    General Motors  LS7 V8
Cylinders:   8
Displacement: 427 /7,000cc
Stroke:  4.0” /100cm
Power:   450Kw (600 HP)
HP/Litre:   85.7
Torque:  600 Nm at rear wheels
Configuration:  Mid-longitudinal
Transmission:  CIMA 6-speed, transaxle with LSD
Drive Wheels:  RWD
Front:  Double Wishbone & Pushrod 
  Inboard Coil-over damper & anti-roll bar
Rear:    Double Wishbone & Pushrod.
  Inboard Coil-over damper & anti-roll bar
Front:  Ventilated discs (362 x 32mm), AP Racing 6-Piston Calipers.
Rear:      Ventilated discs (362 x 32mm), AP Racing 6-Piston Calipers.
Type:   Progressive power-assisted
Wheels & Tyres  
Wheels:  Front: 8.5” x 19” alloy Centre lock
  Rear: 11”  x  20” alloy Centre lock
Tyres:  Front: 245 x 40 x 19 Pirelli P.-Zero Rosso
  Rear:  315 x 35 x 20 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso
Length:  4712 mm / 185.5 inch
Width:    1958 mm  / 77 inch
Height:  1095 mm /  43 inch
Wheelbase: 2830 mm  / 111.42 inch
Front Track:  1665 mm  / 65.55 inch
Rear Track:  1605 mm  / 63.19 inch
Kerb Weight: 980 Kg / 2160 lbs
Source: Hulme