As you might know, Fiat’s tuner Abarth has upgraded the power level on the regular Fiat 500 to 135 PS while the German performance specialist HAMANN considered that that was not enough and developed a program which enables the small Italian car to unleash no less than 275 PS.
Well it looks like things didn’t stop there as suspension specialist H&R considered they needed to step in and fitt the H&R HAMANN Fiat 500 with their high-quality suspension components, as 275 HP definitely require an increased level of grip.
So the H&R HAMANN Fiat 500 features a coilover suspension that also enables sharper steering plus the car received the H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers which reduce the gap between the wheel arch and the shoulder.
H&R press release :
The Fiat 500 moves over Germany’s roads sweet and stylish. There seems
to be no danger when it comes to liveliness and agressiveness. Unless a
Fiat from the manufacturer´s own tuner Abarth disturbs the peace. And
when the tuning professionals from HAMANN get involved the bubble car
turns into a dangerous ball-lightening. However, in order to direct the
power precisely onto the road and spread fear it needs the high quality
suspension components from H&R.
HAMANN effectually turns the Abarth’s 135 PS into 275 PS. In order to
tame such power so the increased performance is reflected in its looks
it needs a high tensile and a professional suspension. The experts for
suspension components from Lennestadt are the right contacts for such
cases. With the coil–over suspension from H&R the Fiat 500 claws
itself into the tarmac. Not only metaphorically – the driving
characteristics achieve unbelievable dimensions. The steering is made
more precise and pitch and swerve movements are reduced to a minimum. In
addition, the H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers round out the whole picture.
Regardless of whether they are fitted to OE or tuned wheels, the often
unsightly gap between the wheel arch and the shoulder is erased. In this
way the Fiat 500 not only gets more muscular strength, it´s shape is
also perfected. Of course, other retro-speedsters and manufacturer´s
cars can profit from H&R’s suspension components. H&R’s full
product range is available for over 1,350 different types of vehicles at
all good specialist dealers. Quality and know–how are based on the
company’s many years racing experience, for example in the VLN or DTM.

Source: H&R