German luxury tuner Hofele Design has developed an, accessory program for all versions of the Audi Q7 Facelift, designated for booming markets in China, Russia and North America.

Hofele-Design turns the Audi Q7 facelift into "STRATOR GT 780“. The front bumper is completely replaced by a new one with big air intakes and four additional lamps, while at theback we have a combination of four oval tailpipes and a wide rear apron diffusor.
The kit can be used on all Q7 models, the price is 6.900.

Inside of the Q7 Hofele-Design offers its new bi-colour leather interior. The leather interior designed by Hofele-Design has stitched elements and ornamental seams. Also newly covered besides the seats are the door elements, the front and rear arm rests and the steering wheel.

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An electrical lowering module lowers and lifts the Q7 speed-related. While standing and driving up to 80km/h the car is lowered 40mm. When driving over 80km/h the serial height is restored to provide the full safety and comfort while driving in high-speeds.

Hofele-Design increases the power of the 3.0 TDI Diesel from 245 HP / 180 kW to 318 HP / 234 kW / and the torque from 550 Nm to 599 Nm.

Source: Audi