Last year, more than 88.1 million cars and LCV were sold across the Globe. Volkswagen managed to get the crown for the best-selling company and Toyota took the second place. But when it comes to popularity, Toyota is the one to put your money on. 

Toyota is the most popular brand by deliveries in 49 contries around the globe. We also have to say that the report is made by Regtransfer and they have analyzed only the salesfigures that were easily accessible. 

Volkswagen is the leader in Europe, while Ford rulz in United States and Canada. Also on the Old Continent you will notice that each country is quite patriotic. In France, the highest selling car manufacturer is Renault, in Spain is Seat, while in Italy is Fiat. In Germany you will find Volkswagen on the top spot, while in Romania, Dacia is the lider. 

Another interesting fact is that Mercedes-Benz is the only premium car manufacturer who managed to get the crown. They German producer was the best-selling brand in Turkmenistan. 

Source: Regtransfer