This isn’t the first time when a country plans to eliminate the private vehichles from it’s towns, but Helsinki is trying again. This time, the Finnish capital city want to combine the public and prive transportation services to delive to its citizens the ability to use the cheapest and fastest ways of transportation. 

According to  Sonja Heikkilä, a transportation engineer with the Helsinki government, the officials are trying to let the transportation markets to grow. Citizens will be able to acceses very element of the system through their mobile devices. 

You can have an on-demand bus, a rideshare, some special transport for ridersm automated cars or conventional public transit. 

Helsinki’s idea is based around its physical transportation system, which includes roads, cars, subways, bridges, and buses, and reversing it to focus on individual mobility. As a result, the citizens will leave there cars out of the town and will use only the public transportation. Problem solved. We’ll see if this method will be implemented by 2025. 

Source: Fast