With the extras of VANSPORTS by Hartmann Tuning the VW T5 is more agile and attractive. Thanks to the VANSPORTS power kits the VW T5 also appears stronger: With such a kit the performance of the 2-liter-TDI powertrain increases from 140 hp up to 166 hp and the torque from 340 Nm up to 395 Nm. And the 179 hp and 400 Nm of the 2-liter-BiTDI version rises up to 212 hp and 460 Nm of torque.

For all VW T5 engines Hartmann has a suitable throttle control kit on top, which optimizes the serial signal of the T5 for faster response. Incidentally the throttle control kit not only makes the VW T5 more agile, but also the VW Amarok and VW Caddy versions. New at the VW T5 VANSPORTS accessories is the sonorously sounding stainless steel sports exhaust system with 2×80 mm tailpipes on the right side.
For a more dynamic appearance on the asphalt Hartmann Tuning equips the bestseller bus with high performance sport springs (Bilstein dampers on request) with 35 mm lowering for a more dynamic look. Furthermore, the attractive styling accessories (front spoiler, rocker panels and rear skirt) gives the T5 that certain something.

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Many different wheel designs with attractive finishes are available for the VW T5. (Pictured are VEST-3-wheels in 9 x 20” with 275/35 R20 tires.) Last but not least the interior of the VW T5 bus is getting a top five model with floor mats including the Hartmann Tuning logo, aluminum pedals and the brushed aluminum door sill plates (three- or four-part set).