Here’s some good news for those who like car themed video games. Rockstar Games is working on the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto, and have published a countdown banner on their site which informs the world that a first trailer will be available on November 2nd.
A release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 remains unknown at this point, but various sources mention 2012 as the year when games will be able to purchase it, due to the fact that Rockstar is waiting for the new Xbox and PlayStation platforms to be launched.
Grand Theft Auto entered to world of video games in 1997 and have been sold in more the 114 million copies since then. The last version alone, GTA 4, which was launched in 2008 has be sold in 22 million exemplars, and was definitely the most advanced in terms of graphics, storyline and the overall level of engagement.
We are curious to find out what the new features and improvements are in Grand Theft Auto 5, so hopefully next week’s trailer will reveal as much as possible.

Source: Rockstar