The following videos were taken by spectators at this season’s Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup fourth race who witnessed a massive crash that set the Gallardo number 22 driven by Giorgio Bartocci into flames.
Bartocci lost control of his race car after coming out of a turn, and went straight into a concrete wall at a high speed. As you will see the incredible force has caused almost instantaneous fire to the Gallardo that has practically disintegrated after impact.    
The YouTube video description says that Bartocci was saved by an Aston Martin Racing technician who pulled him out of the burning Gallardo, and now he is being treated at intensive care and will be back oh hes fit again. 
Watch the video with the Gallardo burning in Lamborghini Super Trofeo crash after the jump.

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Gallardo burning in Lamborghini Super Trofeo crash

Video 2

Source: YouTube