Sometimes less is even more. For example in regards of a car’s weight. Because less weight improves the performance of the BMW M3 and so provides more driving pleasure. 
Currently one of the fastest and track-oriented cars on the market, the BMW M3 receives some mechanical and visual upgrades from its dedicated tuner, G-Power. The germans aerodynamic program “RS”, which is completely fabricated from Carbon fibre, can make the BMW M3 lighter and therefore faster. At the same time the G-POWER “RS” Carbon parts increases the aerodynamic downforce and provides even faster cornering speeds.
The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ has been designed based on the knowledge gained from G-POWER’s motorsports activities.
The aerodynamic package contains a front spoiler, bonnet, boot lid and a rear wing. All parts are manufactured from supremely light and highly strong Carbon fibre in a gas-proof autoclave. This method made possible to achieve a weight reduction of approx. 2,6 kg for the bonnet and approx. 8,1 kg for the boot lid.
The Carbon fibre parts not only reduce the vehicle weight, but also increases the aerodynamic downforce. The Carbon front spoiler generates more downforce on the front axle, while the Carbon fibre boot lid increases the downforce on the rear axle.  Optionally the G-POWER Carbon boot lit can be fitted with the factory rear wing from the BMW M3 GTS. 
In terms of output enhancement G-Power can offer a broad variety of supercharger systems for the BMW M3: SK I “Sporty Drive” TU with 520 hp, SK II “Sporty Drive” TU with 580 hp and the SK II CS “Sporty Drive” TU version with 610 hp. Last but not least, the 720 hp strong G-POWER SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system marks the output maximum.

Source: bmw