Ever dreamed of driving a diesel that feels like a performance car? G-Power promises to offer you such a car with its latest creation, the G-Power 435d. As its names suggests, the car is based on the BMW 435d Coupe, which benefits from G-POWER performance software that increases power by 67 hp to a total of 380 hp.
Even more impressive is the increase in torque of 125 Nm adding up to a total of 755 Nm. In order to put this figure into the right perspective a comparison to the top models the M3/M4 won’t do. You’ll have to step up to the legendary G-POWER M5 V10 Hurricanne RR with 780 Nm in order to find a right match.
Next to the power output increase G-Power is offering the option to delete the serial top speed restriction, as well. In order to do so the limit for the top speed is raised to a theoretical value that cannot be achieved in practice, thus the G-POWER 435d xDrive is able to achieve a top speed that is in accordance to its power output of 380 hp.
On the surface the G-Power 435d xDrive is showing its new gained sportiness with a set of 20 inch G-Power Hurricane RR forged wheels. This innovative G-POWER wheel is made from ultra-light aerospace aluminum and in combination with a weight optimized design in CAD it is one of the lightest 20 inch wheels on the marketand on the planet.