Ford has unveiled a weird thing during the 2020 Auto China. Ok, I might have been overreacted with this, because Ford unveiled a sculpture that previews its future design language.

The US-based car manufacturer calls the look “Progressive Energy In Strength.”

The sculpture represents a vehicle in profile that tapers to a point at the back. Also, the new sculpture demonstrates a pioneering design with Chinese aesthetics and interprets Ford’s future product design direction from the commanding, responsive and agile dimensions.

As you can see, the art installation has a flowing silhouette, highlighting Ford’s interpretation of speed, power and details. The speedy shoulder lines and sleek body shape create a dynamic surface flow, surging and agile without losing its poise, leaning forward with progressive energy. The spacious and powerful underbody conveys strong forward propulsion.

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Ford’s China Design Center will be established this October and will gather talented Chinese designers to bring “Progressive Energy in Strength” to life and help launch vehicles in the country that are built around this new design language.