The guys from M-Sport have developed a special package for the Ford Ranger. The Blue Oval model used by M-Sport is the one that has a 3.2 liter TDCi engine. Normally, the unit delivers 200 horsepower and 470 Nm peak of torque. 

Unfortunately, for now, the M-Sport guys haven’t told us if the unit is powerful but we do know that it will offer a special sound thanks to the new sportier exhaust system with dual tips. 

In addition, the Ford Ranger modified by M-Sport has a new Pedders suspension sport pack, special 18 inch matte black alloy wheels and new wheel arches. Also on the front of the grille have appeared new Lazer lights.

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Inside the cabin we see custom leather upholstery and a sport steering wheel. 

At an additional cost, the Ford Ranger by M-Sport can be equipped with a special off-road kit that has a roof-mounted Lazer lights, a full Pedders suspension kit and full under tray body protection.

Source: Ford