In the near future, more cars will be electric. In Europe, for example, starting in 2035, car manufacturers won’t be allowed to sell any petrol or diesel-powered cars.

This doesn’t mean that the smell of gasoline or diesel will vanish, but you won’t sit in it all day in the city centers. As a result, Ford Europe has come up with a strange idea: to launch a fragrance that smells like gasoline.

It was named Mach-Eau GT and, as you can imagine, it was designed to be used with the Mustang Mach-E, the first global electric SUV made by Ford.

The fragrance was introduced during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but there is a catch: the fragrance isn’t available to buy. It is just a part of Ford’s goal to trash some myths about electric cars and convince non-EV owners about the electric future that we’ll see so soon.

Source: Ford