Consumers bought a new Ford Fiesta every two minutes on average last year, making it the best-selling small car in Europe, according to automotive data intelligence provider JATO Dynamics.
Ford last year sold 953,174 cars in the 30 European markets monitored by Jato, including 306,405 Fiestas. Ford recently announced that during 2012 more than 1.4 million Ford vehicles were sold across all of the 51 European markets in which it operates.
In the UK, Ford sold almost 110,000 Fiesta models last year – confirming its position as the nation’s most popular car every year since 2009.
Ford has sold more than 15 million Fiestas worldwide since the vehicle first went into production in 1976. The Fiesta now has been the top-selling small car in Europe for three out of the past four years. During that period, more than 1.7 million Fiestas have been sold in Europe and 2.1 million globally.
The U.K. was the most successful European market for Fiesta in 2012, with 109,250 models registered according to Ford figures.

Source: FOrd