Ford and Bang&Olufsen have a long standing partnership, that saw them introducing good sound systems on small cars like the Fiesta and Puma. Now, the collaboration goes further.

The new Beosonic feature of the B&O Sound System in Ford cars enables drivers and passengers to adjust the sound exactly as they want with one touch.

Users simply select from distinct “Bright”, “Energetic”, “Relaxed” and “Warm” sound spaces, or choose a setting that combines elements of more than one. There are also five pre-set modes: “Custom”, “Lounge”, “Neutral”, “Party” and “Podcast”.

The B&O Beosonic™ feature is set up so that drivers can easily find their preferred sound mix, whether in a specific mood or any of the variations in between:

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– “Bright” is more airy and crisp while softening some of the bass sounds
– “Energetic” focuses on rhythm and bass, while increasing the contrast in the vocals
– “Relaxed” has less treble and bass, making it ideal for background listening
– “Warm” makes the sound experience feel more intimate and closer

B&O Sound Systems available across the Ford line-up are uniquely designed and tuned for each model. Beosonic™ comes pre-installed in select models of EcoSport, Fiesta, Focus, Kuga and Puma with B&O Sound Systems.