The first 2015 Mini five-door hatchback has rolled off the assembly line at plat Oxford. According to Mini, the first five-door hatchback vehicle made by the UK firm will reach its buyers in the autumn. As you already know, the 2015 Mini five-door hatchback is using a new platform, which will also be found on the BMW’s upcoming front-wheel drive models. 

According to Mini, the new modular platform increases the flexibility of the body manufacturing process, allowing more models of greater variation to be offered more efficiently. 

“This is an exciting day for us with the first ever 5-door MINI for the plant, which opens up a whole new market segment for the brand. BMW Group has invested in creating state-of-the-art technology and facilities at Oxford and Swindon for the launch of this new generation of MINI, demonstrating the company’s commitment to a long-term future for its UK production sites,” said Frank Bachmann, managing director of Mini Plants Oxford and Swindon.

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In order to be able to deliver the new Mini five-door hatchback, BMW Group has developed a new bodyshop in Oxford and significant investment has been made in facilities and technologies at Swindon plant. 

Source: Mini