Fiat-Chrysler Group had a massive conference for all its products. Unfortunatly, Fiat didn’t get that much attention, but Sergio Marchionne made some interesting and electrifying announcements about the Italian brand.

According to Marchionne, Fiat will develop a new generation of the 500e, the electric version of the mini 500 model. More than that, the Italian manufacturer will also come with a Giardiniera version which will be an electric wagon variant of the Fiat 500.

The new 500e and Giardiniera will use FCA’s new electric powertrain that will be designed specifically for the small city cars. For now, we didn’t have any details. According to Marchionne, the wagon will have five doors (not three like the original) and it will deliver best-in-class interior volume.

Fiat will also electrify the 500X and 500L by adding hybrid powertrains but Marchionne didn’t reveal any specs .