Fiat 500L range is complemented and gets even bigger bringing the
performance ratings of a C segment vehicle, too. Merit of the new
1.6 MultiJet II 105 HP turbo diesel engine and of the 0.9 TwinAir
Turbo 105 HP petrol engine, two different expressions of how to
deliver the same power.

Both turbo charged and technologically evolved, the two 105 HP
engines provide answers to the needs of a broad, multifarious
clientele with different inclinations, ages and daily use needs
of their cars.
The 105 HP of the 0.9 TwinAir are different and ideal for
customers who are concerned about reducing fuel consumption and
emissions particularly in cities.

Emissions are so low that the
engine complies with the European standards of 2020 already
Combined with a manual six-speed gearbox the 105 HP TwinAir is
already available and the orders are open for the 105 HP 1.6
MultiJet, which will be in Fiat showrooms in the major European
markets as from the second half of March.

In only five months, Fiat 500L has totalled approximately 38,300
orders in Europe, over half of which outside Italy. Particularly
in Italy, it is the best-selling medium sized car and ranks
second among the diesels.

Source: Fiat