The latest news from the burning supercar series comes from Romania. After we have published the article with the McLaren F1 burned beyond repair a few days ago, we have now got our hands on this video featuring a Ferrari F430 in flames after a crash.
Apparently the young Ferrari F430 driver was speeding on one of Romania’s national roadways when he lost control of he’s supercar ending up colliding with two oncoming vehicles. Fortunately the 7 people involved in the crash suffered only minor injuries as for the 2 Ferrari F430 occupants they managed to exit the car before the fire started. Financial "damages" suffered by the young driver were also minor as he’s Ferrari F430 was ensured and the Police only wrote him a ticket for close to $60.
Watch the Ferrari F430 in flames after crash video after the jump.

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Ferrari F430 in flames after crash video :

Source: Automarket