The Prancing Horse announced that their extreme berlinetta Ferrari 599XX has set a new record on the Nurburgring track in Germany.
The Ferrari 599XX managed to lap the 20.832 Km long Nurburgring in 6 minutes 58.16 seconds making it the first ever production-derived sports car to break the 7 minute barrier of the famous circuit. 
The Ferrari 599XX uses a development of the V12 engine found on the 599 GTB Fiorano backed by a new chassis design and sophisticated electronics, as well as F1 derived wheel doughnuts that reduce turbulence and improve brake cooling. 
The Ferrari 599XX also uses Brembo for the carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin tyres and Shell fuel and lubricants.
Watch the Ferrari 599XX Nurburgring Record video after the jump.

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Ferrari 599XX Nurburgring Record video

Source: Ferrari