It looks like limited production series are very successful, and this was expected to be the case with the fastest ever road car built by the Prancing Horse, the Ferrari 599 GTO.
The 12-cylinder Berlinetta was presented in Modena at the Military Academy’s Ducal Palace where the 500 guests from all over the world that attended received a painful news : all 599 exemplars Ferrari 599 GTO have been already sold out.
The next chance to the Ferrari 599 GTO in the flesh will be in Beijing, at the International Automotive Exhibition.
The Ferrari 599 GTO price started at 300,000 GBP or around 344,000 Euro. 
Ferrari press release :
Maranello, 15 April – The 599 GTO world premiere, held exclusively for Ferrari clients, ended around midnight last night.
The 12-cylinder Berlinetta, produced in a limited edition of 599, was presented at a symbolic place of the city of Modena: the Military Academy’s Ducal Palace. A choice, as Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo underlined, to “confirm the deep relationship between Ferrari with the terroir and especially with Modena. The Academy is a proper centre of excellence, a historical place, with culture and passion. The Academy and Ferrari are an expression of Italian excellence of this region.”
The evening, with the participation of Ferrari Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari and CEO Amedeo Felisa, started with a welcome address from Montezemolo and the Academy’s Commander General Roberto Bernardini.
A few moments later three 599 GTOs arrived through the Ducal Palace’s entry gate, accompanied by impressive light beams in red, illuminating the Academy’s courtyard. The cars were driven by Luca Badoer, Giancarlo Fisichella and long-time test driver Dario Benuzzi, with three cadets as co-drivers, underlining the strong relationship with the Academy.
The three Berlinettas were then admired by the 500 guests from all over the world, followed by enthusiastic comments on the 599 GTO, while some felt sorry for not being amongst the 599 clients of this exceptional model. The 599 GTOs of this special limited series, which will be produced, are already sold.
The expectations for this car with such an important name are extremely high, as Montezemolo explained: “We’ve created a wonderful car, the most powerful in our history, an exclusive car I wanted to give a historical name like GTO, because it deserves it”.
The 599 GTO’s next official appearance will be in Beijing, at the International Automotive Exhibition. A decision taken, considering the growing market for Ferrari in the Asia Pacific region and in China

Source: Ferrari