One of the latest drag race videos from the guys at GTBoard features the Ferrari 599 GTB F1 vs the Koenigsegg CCR.
The Ferrari 599 GTB F1 is powered by a 6.0-litre v12 engine that can unleash 620 HP at 7,600 rpm and 448 Nm of torque at 5,600 rpm linked to a 6-Speed Automatic gearbox with Overdrive.
Specifications regarding the Koenigsegg CCR indicate that it’s 4.7-litre supercharged V8 unit can develop a massive 806 HP at 7000 rpm and a maximum 920 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm.
Even though its easy to guess the outcome, watch the Ferrari 599 GTB vs Koenigsegg CCR video after the jump.

Ferrari 599 GTB vs Koenigsegg CCR video :

Source: YouTube