Dusseldorf based tuner Anderson Germany is presenting their new custom project, the stealth looking Ferrari 430 Scuderia.
Besides receiving a jet plane-like coating and 20 inch black alloy wheels wrapped in high performance tires, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia by ANDERSON GERMANY also features an increased level of engine output. The power gain results from the fact that the Ferrari 430 Scuderia by ANDERSON GERMANY received an optimised ECU, a sports air filter plus a weight reduced stainless steel exhaust adjustable by remote.
As a result the Ferrari 430 Scuderia by ANDERSON GERMANY produces 575 HP and can reach speeds of over 300 Km/h (190 mph).
Both the interior and exterior also feature a number of carbon fiber elements, and pricing details regarding the Ferrari 430 Scuderia by ANDERSON GERMANY, are available upon request.      
ANDERSON GERMANY press release :
Technical innovations give the sports car from Dusseldorf/Germany more safety and agility. The large high performance tires have a good grip – which means, this F430 Scuderia Edition makes only fun without any compromizes.
Exterior titivation, as e.g. the exclusive stealth look coating remember a jet plane, still emphasized by the elaborate interior design. The real joy comes when opening the engine bonnet – the ANDERSON GERMANY-Ferrari 430 Scuderia bursts with strength and sportiveness, and it also looks so.
In order to reach the desired power improvement up to 575 hp, ANDERSON GERMANY offers besides a weight reduced valve commanded stainless steel exhaust system (with three adjustable by remote control sound levels – 24 kg/53 lb. of weight saving) with racing cats also a sports air filter and the matching with these features software optimization.
After this power enhancement cure the sports car begs for the highway, or, best of all, the racing piste. The hot bends of the racing tracks are the vocation for the ANDERSON GERMANY-Ferrari. Having taken the first curves one learns quickly to estimate the advantages of this supercar.
Exclusive style threepart 8.5×20 and 12×20 light alloy black rims combined with 235/30-20 front and 325/25-20 rear high performance tires warrant for controllable speed above 300 kmph/190 mph.
Furthermore, you can find tinted windows, taillights and blinkers – lending the Ferrari a still more sportive touch.
Carbon-exterior-packets are not the privilege of racing cars only, but also first choice for the discerning driver, if the issue is related to a dynamic and light drive. The carbon-packet contains exterior mirrors, a tail diffusor and several engine compartment coverings.
Carbon solutions you can also find in the inside the car, here in combination with fine leather applications in alcantara leather and matt carbon look. A high-end sound system also belongs to the ANDERSON GERMANY tuning program. Several audio amplifiers, system speakers and a subwoofer warrant for a still better interior ambiance.
The composition is topped by a complete coating in silky matt/gray, with completing the ensemble Scuderia strips in black/brilliant.