This year during the Shanghai Motor Show, Skoda unveiled the Vision E Concept, a prototype that will be the base for their first electric SUV model. During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Skoda will reveal a slightly modified concept of the Vision E. According to the car manufacturer, the car has suffered some deisgn modifications and now it is closer to the production product.

Skoda Vision E has a lenght of 4,668 mm, a width of 1,924 mm and a height of 1,591 mm. Due to the long wheelbase of 2,851 mm and the short front and rear overhangs the technicians were able to create n extremely generous and comfortable interior.

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Under the hood, the Skoda Vision E features two electric motors that delivers 306 horsepower. The range is up to 500 kilometers while the top speed is limited to 180 km/h. Mre than that, Vision E allows for autonomous driving at level 3. On motorways, the autopilot system enables the concept car to autonomously accelerate, steer, brake and even avoid obstacles. The Car Park Autopilot finds free parking spaces and directs the vehicle there automatically.

Source: Skoda