These days is a very common thing to come up with a start-up. And those who are in electric industry are pretty interesting. This time we have the guys from Elextra. Behind this name are Danish entrepreneur Poul Sohl and Swiss designer Robert Palm.

They have developed a four-door, four-seat and four-wheel-drive electric supercar that can run from stand still to 100 km/h in just 2.3 seconds. 

“The idea behind Elextra is to combine pure lines reminding of the most exciting Italian supercars of the past, while being resolutely forward-looking, thanks to its low, sleek and beautiful design, paired with today’s most advanced technology,” explained Palm in a statement.

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For now we have only one image but the guys are saying we will see a production model soon. The car will be built near Stuttgart in Germany and it will be limited to 100 units.