Imagine you’re driving through a national park when you see this through your windshield.   Some local tourists on January 10th were using a cut through road in the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand when they happened on this scene and captured on video.   An elephant sitting on the front hood of a car and dancing on the bumper.

Elephants have become the latest hazard to contend with the motorists in this Thai national park.  The enormous pachyderms have been spotted attacking cars driving through the park, as well as, local shops. Fortunately no was been hurt, but the elephant did cause extensive damage.

A spokesperson for Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation told the Bangkok Post that wild elephant have been disturbed by the increasing number of vehicles in past decade.  The parks chiefs said the animal’s aggressive behavior was just a result of mating season.  He suggested that motorists should turn off their car and not honk their horns, flash headlights, or use flash photography when confronted by an elephant.
According to officials, there are currently about 300 elephants in Khao Yai Nation Park.