Skoda did it again. The Czech car manufacturer has produced the 500,000th third-generation Fabia in Mladá Boleslav. But more important, with the same car Skoda is celebrating another milestone: the four millionth Skoda Fabia since the series debuted in 1999.

The anniversary model is a Fabia Combi painted in white and equipped with the 1.0 TSI engine and DSG gearbox. 

"Today, we can be doubly proud. 500,000 third-generation Fabias built and four million Fabias produced in total are powerful testimonies of ŠKODA’s high production quality. Since 1999, the small car has been one of the key players in our model portfolio and has won over customers around the world.  Each of the three generations has characterised the development of the brand, featuring the latest technologies and exceptional space for outstanding value for money, complemented with attractive designs and superior technologies for safety and comfort. Now more than ever, the Fabia is a crucial driver of our dynamic growth", says Michael Oeljeklaus, Skoda Board Member for Production and Logistics. 

Source: Skoda