The first tuner who approached the already exclusive Ferrari FF is a company from Germany called DMC who developed a package called Maximus which enhances the Italian automaker’s first four wheel drive model in terms of both looks and performance.
Even though it seems they approached the exterior with a series of discrete changes, the DMC Maximums Ferrari FF has actually received many carbon fiber panels replacing the original ones, on top of the modified bumpers, the massive diffuser and the small rear wing.
The car weights 70 Kg less than the standard model, and in terms of performance the power level was taken to an impressive 888 HP which result from the tuner adding a supercharger, a modified exhaust, larger injectors and also an over-sized intercooler.
These modifications enable the DMC Maximums Ferrari FF to have a new 0 to 60 mph acceleration time, which is 3.2 seconds, and also a higher top speed, of 340 Km/h.

Source: DMC