Dezent, the Austrian based comapny specialized in steel and alloy wheels manufacturing has introduced a new set of rims available for the Mercedes C Class. These are the Dezent RB and besides the Mercedes C Class they can also be fitted on the E Class model.
The Dezent RB wheels for Mercedes C Class size 7.5 x 16 are among the first to meet the new EU ECE norm, meaning they can be used anywhere in Europe without ABE or any other registration, and as an additional advantage they offer the possibility of using the original C Class attachment screws. 
The Dezent RB wheels for Mercedes C Class feature a five pairs of double-spokes design and they can also be offered in 7,5 x 17 inches, although the ECE registration will not apply in this case.  
Dezent wheels press release :
Style etiquette is strict and simple: your car’s not attractive without snazzy light-alloy wheels! And if you’re really cool, you’ll decorate the wheel housings ofyour C- (W204) or E-Class (W211), saloon or estate, with the DEZENT RB for example – and put one over on bureaucracy at the same time. Because the trendy designer rim isone of the very first to meet the new ECE norm. With this EU authorization, it can be used all over Europe in size 7.5 x 16 on both Mercedes models without ABE or other registration. To receive this standard, the RB had to be subjected to an extended testing cycle and meet the original specifications for Mercedes light-metalwheels. One additional advantage is the possibility of using the original attachment screws. 
So no more paper chaos and rummaging around. It’s no wonder that the abbreviation RB at DEZENT also stands for Running Back – the man who overcomes all opposing obstacles in American Football. It needs a good physique, as is reflected of course by the RB with all its dynamic qualities. With its five energy-charged pairs of double-spokes, which almost extend deep into the rim shoulder right up to the tyre, it demonstrates unbridled forward thrust. In addition, the silver wheel also gives agreat deal of elegance. The final pizzazz is provided by the small triangles that support the ends of the spoke pairs against the rim horn. The DEZENT RB hastherefore deservedly earned a star as an award – preferably from Mercedes. Looking for a bigger wheel? DEZENT is also offering the RB in 7,5 x 17 inches. Although this size doesn’t have an ECE registration you may use the original attachment screws.

Source: Dezent Wheels