Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the greatest football players of all times, but is also a car aficionado. The Real Madrid football star has a real passion for supercars, and has an impressive collection of Ferrari’s, McLaren’s and Lamborghini’s.

So when Bugatti decided to deliver its first Chiron thought of asking Ronaldo to drive it first. The superstar agreed.

Bugatti has requested a real champion to give the French luxury brand’s new ultimate super sports car as a final test drive.

Cristiano Ronaldo, several times World Player of the Year, reigning European Champion, winner of many other awards and a great sports cars fan, got behind the wheel in Madrid to take a close look at the 1,500 PS supercar.

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He declared it was satisfied with the car and decided to call Bugatti to extend its test drive or maybe to buy the car.