Citroen is electrifying not only its passenger cars, but also its LCV models. The most recent addition to the range is the new ë-Berlingo Van, a fully electric version of its multi-award winning Berlingo Van, providing business users with a zero emissions vehicle that doesn’t compromise in terms of its capabilities.

With a range of up to 171 miles, load capacity of up to 4.4m3 and a maximum payload of up to 800kg, the new ë-Berlingo Van meets the needs of fleets and SME users alike. Featuring a 50kWh battery and a 100kw (136hp) electric motor, ë-Berlingo Van supports up to 100kW rapid charging, with an 80% charge taking just 30 minutes.

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New ë-Berlingo Van features a 50kWh lithium-ion battery pack that allows drivers to travel up to 171 miles on a single charge.

To maximise range, ë-Berlingo Van features regenerative braking technology. For enhanced energy regeneration, the “B” button in the central console can be pressed for greater effect. The 50kWh battery is located under the seats of the vehicle and does not impact the load volume. The battery warranty is for eight years or 100,000 miles (70% of battery capacity).

Using the My Citroën app, drivers can access many of the van’s functions remotely, including managing the battery charging process, viewing the charge level, thermal preconditioning of the cabin and controlling the delayed charging. All can be configured from a smartphone or tablet, or directly using the vehicle’s touchscreen, which offers connected browsing via the “Energy” menu. This operation is possible for domestic charging (mode 2) or fast charging (mode 3). Delayed charging can be modified instantaneously.

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New ë-Berlingo Van can be identified by a monogram of the electric “ë” before the Berlingo name on the left rear door, and in its charging flap, located where the fuel-filler flap would otherwise be.

Inside, everything has been designed to make sure using ë-Berlingo Van is easy. In the central console, an ë-Toggle switch controls the gearbox – with Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive functions – together with a selector enabling the three driving modes to be activated: Eco, Normal and Power. New ë-Berlingo Van has a 8-inch touchscreen with a specific “Energy” page in its menu, which gives access to the vehicle’s electric features. This includes an energy flow animation that shows the electric powertrain operating in real time. It also shows the driving mode being used, the electric motor in operation and the charge level of the battery, plus consumption statistics. The driver can also see the delayed charging and thermal preconditioning settings.

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