We don’t know why Citroen has started to tease the new DS9 on
Facebook a few days ago, because it looks like they didn’t put too much
effort in keeping the car secret until its official world debut at this
year’s Beijing Motor Show.
We say that because the automaker decided to take the Citroen DS9 for a photoshoot in the middle of Paris, (at Place de la Concorde), making it easy for
anyone with a camera to take pictures of it. At least that is what the
French from Automobile did, enabling us to see the upcoming premium
model completely uncovered.
As we mentioned in out previous post
the DS9 is definitely inspired by the Metropolis Concept, but in this
case we are talking about a rear end section that is much close to
As far as naming, for those speculating that this is the DS6, take a look at the licence plate on the back of the car. We see a 9 on it.

Source: L'Automobile via Autoblog.nl