There are some guys out there who will convert your vintage model into an electric car. One of them is Electrogenic.

The Oxford-based company has retained the original 1971 Citroen DS aerodynamic body but swapped the old 2.0-liter petrol unit for a brushless electric motor that can deliver 120 horsepower and 235 Nm of peak torque.

The engine is matted to the old and original manual gearbox. The electric engine has a 48.5 kWh battery pack which can offer up to 140 miles of range. If you are looking for a better range, Electrogenic will sell you a bigger battery which can deliver up to 200 miles.

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The battery can be recharged at 29 kW and, according to Electrogenic, it will need about two hours for a full-charge.

“Repowering classic cars with all-electric drive brings a number of benefits, from the ease of use to reliability and performance gains. But with our conversions, the aim is always to enhance the original characteristics of the car. In this respect, the Citroen DS was ideally suited to an electric conversion – the silent powertrain adds to the serene driving experience and fits perfectly with the character of the car”, Steve Drummond, director of Electrogenic, explains.

Source: Electrogenic