Citroen is dedicating a lot of development to its presence in China. The French manufacturer unveiled the production version of the C3-XR crossover on the Chinese market, where Citroen sends one of its four cars sold.
The 2014 sales are on the rise, with 19% growth until the end of this August. Now, the brand expands its presence with the C3-XR presented at a symbolic location, The Citoen C_42 on the Champs-Elysées, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations. The production version is very close to the concept car presented at Beijing in April 2014.
The production version will benefit from new features meant to make life a little easier and comfortable: keyless entry and starting, reversing camera, grip control.  The options list will also include connectivity via the Citroen telematic services.
Power range will include, among other models, a THP 160 hp petrol unit with start-stop technology and a new generation automatic gearbox. The C3-XR will be locally produced at Wuhan, China and will be on sale in December.

Source: Citroen