Citroen Ami is already a well-known mobility solution for busy cities. Now, Ami has also become attractive to small businesses, who want mobility with zero emissions.

Citroën has launched an LCV version of its compact, zero-emissions AMI mobility solution. New MY AMI CARGO is designed for last-mile delivery service providers and other business users operating in urban areas, where speed limits are often restricted and space is always at a premium.

At 2.41m long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m tall, new MY AMI CARGO surprises and delights with its practical features. The interior has been re-designed so that new MY AMI CARGO is truly ‘small on the outside and big on the inside’. The main change is the removal of the passenger seat, which has been replaced by a seven-part polypropylene module that can hold up to 260-litres and 140kg of cargo or goods. Coupled with the interior storage already present on-board, MY AMI CARGO is able to offer a total load capacity of 400-litres.

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A vertical, separating partition between the driver and cargo area is introduced. This has been positioned to provide optimum space between the driver and the cargo, ensuring the driver is protected and can enjoy driving in comfort. A cleverly designed recess in the in the separating partition gives the driver sufficient space to operate the handbrake without any obstructions. The partition’s height is calibrated to preserve 360° visibility for total safety.

A modular shelf is also available. A secondary shelf unit can hold up to 40kg and has been designed to work either as a storage unit or as a mobile desk. It also features an A4 size cut-out that can hold forms or other items of paperwork firmly in place. The shelf is adjustable and can be moved towards the driver for better access, or tilted towards the passenger door if required. The shelf can also be removed completely, to maximise the storage space available.

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There is also a two-way adjustable floor. The cargo floor in new MY AMI CARGO can be raised and locked vertically, so as not to obstruct the cargo zone, or lowered into a horizontal position to match the level of the vehicle floor. This latter position allows the user to carry longer objects with a maximum length of 1.20m. Cargo retainers are provided to secure fragile items.

Independent closed storage is found at the rear of the cabin. An independent secure storage area can accommodate valuable items such as a smartphone, sunglasses or a wallet.