Even though the Chrysler 300 S and 200 S Convertible have not been officially unveiled yet, the U.S. automaker decided to bring them at the 2011 edition LX Spring Festival held in California anyway, where more there 800 vehicles and their respective owners attended.
These few pictures that show bits and pieces of the Chrysler 300 S and 200 S Convertible were published on the automaker’s Flickr page, but we’re guessing something much more detailed is on its way.
The Chrysler 300 S looks like it received a new grille mesh, darkened headlights, a boot lid spoiler, and apart from the fact that all the chrome accents are gone, the car has also been enhanced with a new set of double spoke design alloys. It also seems that the Chrysler 300 S is now sitting on shorter suspension springs, but we’ll now for sure once the official press release is out.
As for the Chrysler 200 S Convertible, again the manufacturer added new alloys, a new grille and tinted headlights, and even though the pictures do not reveal anything we expect both models to come with a series of interior enhancements as well. 

Source: Chrysler