The Chevrolet Volt UK price was just announced, as the world’s first E-REV car is getting ready to go on sale on the British market next year.
Unlike conventional hybrids, the Chevrolet Volt uses its the electric powertrain to send power directly to the wheels, while the petrol engine is fitted just to back up the electric motor and make sure that the battery doesn’t go flat.
The Chevrolet Volts electric only range is of 30 to 50 miles depending on terrain and traffic, and will only require fuel on longer journeys. The Volt has won several awards in the USA and was named North America’s Car of the Year in 2011.
All right-hand drive versions Chevrolet Volt will comes with a leather interior as standard, and the car will arrive at dealerships in Spring 2012.
The Chevrolet Volt UK price starts ta 28,545 GBP after the 5,000 GBP government grant. 

Source: Chevrolet