Tom Gerards, the Head of CCG automotive GmbH and the persistent advocacy of German TUV officials has turned his dream of building his own TUV approved super sports car and bringing it onto the streets of Germany, into reality.
The car is called the customGT and is based on a powder-coated tubular space frame with a body made from either fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforced composites. Depending on the chosen materials the customGT can weight either 960 Kg or 1,040 Kg, which means is it considerable lighter than even the Ferrari 430 Scuderia which tips the scale at 1,250 Kg.
Powering the customGT is a Corvette sourced 7.0-litre V8 producing 550 HP (405 kW) and 605 Nm of torque via a manually-operated 6-speed transmission with all the ‘juice’ being transferred to the rear wheels and transformed into sound through a sports exhaust system with 4 end pipes.
The CCG customGT can also be equipped with a 6.0-litre V8 delivering 450 horses (331 kW) and 560 Nm, with the most powerful version being able to sprint from 0 to 100 Km/h in 3.3 seconds while the 6.0-litre version will require 3.5 seconds to get to 100.
Top speed for both versions is between 285 Km/h and 320 Km/h.
CCG can go even further has they claim they can performance levels to 740 HP via turbocharging plus for those who do not want the manual gearbox, the company is also providing a sequential one.
Pricing for the CCG customGT starts at 113,500 Euro.

Source: CCG