Porsche has just reported that the Cayenne model registered a 10% increase in sales for the month of January 2009. Porsche sold 1,010 Cayenne models to customers in North America and even though the numbers look promising the car company from Stuttgart still struggels with a tough market in USA and Canada. That is one of the reasons figures for Porsche’s 911 and Boxster / Cayman Series have droped but even though they mentioned that avoiding the economic downturn is impossible the German automaker has hope that once it’s second generation of mid-engine sports cars will be launched things will start to improve.
Porsche Press Release :
Cayenne sales rise for January
Stuttgart. January 2009 saw Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, continue to move in a difficult market environment in the USA and Canada. At 1,746 vehicles, the number of deliveries to customers in North America was 36 percent lower than the previous year, with 1,658 vehicles going to the USA and 88 units to Canada. The Cayenne SUVs performed the most positively in January 2009, with sales of 1,010 vehicles. This turnover is more or less the equivalent of that of the previous year and if compared to the previous month, actually repre-sents an increase of ten percent.
462 units of the 911 Series were delivered. This drop of 46 percent makes it abundantly clear that the North American automobile market continues to suffer under weak demand as a result of the economic downturn – something Porsche is unable to avoid. 274 vehicles were sold from the Boxster / Cayman series, representing a drop in sales of 65 percent. Of these, 125 units were either Cayman or Cayman S models. A key reason for this decrease is the current model changeover for the Boxster and Cayman. The second generation of these two mid-engine sports cars will be launched onto the North American market in March. The two models will feature the newly developed boxer engines, which are both much more powerful and significantly more economical than their predecessors. Further improvements in con-sumption and road performance will be ushered in by the Porsche double-clutch gearbox, known as PDK.

Source: Porsche