Sunday 2 February heralded that very special time of year when the world comes together to watch the biggest and best commercials of the year… and maybe see an American football game too!
In all seriousness, while the game is the biggest draw of the Super Bowl event, the commercials have become an intrinsically vital part of the overall entertainment experience. Each year they improve in terms of delivering more eye-catching visuals, more humour and ever more memorable moments.
As the inevitable lists of favourites are being compiled across the internet, it seems that the automotive industry has triumphed this year with a slew of new winners.

Let’s take a look!

British Villains Rendezvous (Jaguar F-Type Coupe)

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This absolutely beautiful piece of tongue-in-cheek British badness highlights how it’s “Good to be Bad” especially in the driver’s seat of a Jag! Quintessentially villainous actors Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston are bolstered by the towering presence of Sir Ben Kingsley and all three of them look like they’re loving every minute of it.
Let’s not forget the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, the other star of the show, as our villains show off its prowess on the streets of London… though we doubt that you’ll find the traffic so forgiving in real life!
Terry Crews goes cruising with The Muppets (Toyota Highlander)

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Ah Terry Crews, he’s never afraid to take his shirt off and display the full arsenal of muscles underneath! The Old Spice promoter only takes a little coaxing from the Muppets to get into the swing of a fun-packed road trip in the new Toyota Highlander. The spacious 4X4 has room for drum kits and a grand piano but “ain’t got no room for boring!”
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CarMax Slow Clap/Slow Bark

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The slow clap, an American feel-good tradition as old as underdog movies themselves. Is there anything that can inspire triumph over adversity more than a good old-fashioned slow clap? Perhaps there is: a slow bark.
Make sure you watch the human version before the dog version for the full impact of this simple yet finely calculated ad campaign.
“The Truth” Morpheus the Kia Valet (K900)

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“Challenge the luxury you know” is the bold suggestion from Kia for their big game advert. Who better then, to present a car so luxurious that it can distort reality than Laurence Fishburne, aka Morpheus?
Jam-packed with references to the hit movie trilogy The Matrix we’re cleverly reminded how cutting edge and original that series was, which is of course the subconscious parallel that Kia hopes we’ll draw to the K900. Mr Fishburne also proves that he has a good pair of lungs on him too, as we’re 100% sure that was his actual singing voice!
This is just us cherry picking our best of the best as there were numerous other car commercials in the star-studded lineup. Whichever ones appealed to you most, you can be sure of one thing: car brands will be vying to outdo each other all over again when Super Bowl 2015 rolls around!