The Carisma Auto Design conversion of the Mercedes-Benz Viano provides unlimited scope for the client’s individual choice of exotic materials, audio and visual equipment and made to measure interior design and configuration limited only by their imagination.
Whether the requirement is for discreet luxury travel that takes away the stress of travelling by car, or if the need is for a fully functioning office on wheels, Carisma redesigns and revolutionises the interior of on a new Viano or to existing Viano owners, with an official agreement with Mercedes-Benz for a global warranty on export sales to select countries worldwide.

No two Vianos from Carisma Auto Design are ever the same. The specification and design of each conversion is totally unique, meeting the individual customer demands and forms part of the completely confidential relationship between Carisma and its clients.

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The leather used in a Carisma Viano is carefully sourced from barbed-wire free environments to ensure pristine hide and it is complemented by a choice of real wood veneers, hand-built and fitted to the vehicle by a team of some of the best English craftspeople.

Viano V1 features on board Windows or Apple operating systems, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to ensure you are always connected when on the move with audio equipment from Bang & Olufsen to provide the ultimate travelling experience.

Amongst some of the recent request have been solid crystal ash trays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customised seat embroidery, 42” televisions and refrigeration units. All these and much, much, more have all been tastefully hand crafted into vehicles over Carisma Auto Design’s 14 year history.